About Us

“Originhunt.com” is a compilation of politics, economics and social analysis. In addition to reviewing contemporary events, global and domestic political, economic, and social issues, we will have field-based research-based writing, literary, photographic, and film reviews, as well as translations of important foreign language writings. Our attention includes all matters relating to man and nature. We want to make relevant research and analytical writings accessible to all, with anti-discrimination and anti-oppression knowledge at the center. Nowadays the use of various technologies including social media has created a new level of interest in the latest issues among young readers and writers. But despite this, corporate dominance in the practice and dissemination of modern knowledge puts a solid cover on thought and information infrastructure. To free thought and knowledge from this domination, new research, review and the spread of thought must take place. originhunt will provide maximum labor in this work. We will move forward with the support of all. We hope that this magazine will be able to contain relevant questions and thoughts on the life of all, politics, economy, culture and the struggle for social transformation. We will always be interested in publishing articles that are capable of opening new doors of thought to the reader on the basis of historical reviews. That is why we welcome differences and debates.

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